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The Shekinah Dance Company has an intimate monthly mentorship program where Shekinah gives her all to each dancer that is apart. She trains dancers intensively to be the dancer that they have always dreamed of becoming. Dancers will get weekly Facebook Live Q&A's along with access to a private Facebook group, 2 free 1 hour coaching calls with Shekinah (VIP only), live monthly trainings, and so many surprises. Some benefits of joining are that dancers have the opportunity to be apart of Shekinah's dance videos that are broadcasted all over the world. They will also be able to receive a shoutout on Shekinah's social media pages after going through the process, have exclusive deals on Shekinah's events and e-courses, and will be the first to know about what Shekinah has up her sleeve. ~Age Requirement: Must be 13 years and older.~

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"All things dance and lots of fun!"